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  • Product description of plastic crusher
    Plastic crusher refers to pulverizing various plastic plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, wires, films, and waste rubber products. The pellets can be directly extruded for use as a raw material for production.
    The plastic pulverizer is thicker and more reasonable than the ordinary plastic pulverizer in the structure of the equipment. The blade of the machine adopts a separate step design. Under the limited power, the equipment has stronger chipping force, which can effectively crush the thick or hard plastic.

    Working principle
    The plastic crusher mainly drives the movable cutter cutter disc to rotate at a high speed by the motor, and forms a relative movement with the fixed cutter during the high-speed rotation of the movable cutter, and the gap formed by the movable cutter and the fixed cutter causes the plastic to smash and cut the slit. The large piece of plastic is crushed, and the broken plastic is filtered and outputted through the screen mesh, and the whole processing process is convenient and labor-saving. For the processing of thin plastic film or braided bags, an integrated fan can be used to directional flow of air in the motive chamber to reduce the discharge resistance and increase the equipment output.

    Product application of plastic crusher machine
    The plastic crusher machine is suitable for crushing and recycling PU, PVC, PC, ABC and other soft and hard material nozzles,and also plastic film.
    2、Productivity: 500-800 kg/h
    3、Host power: 15KW
    4、Feed size: 620*340mm
    5、Weight: 1000KG
    Product advantages of plastic crusher machine
    1. Plastic pulverizer uses alloy steel blade for long life.
    2. Separate design, easy to access and clean, double-layer structure, soundproofed, low noise.
    3. Wide use: suitable for crushing and recycling PU, PVC, PC, ABC and other soft and hard material nozzles.
    4. Easy to disassemble design, easy to change color and refuel, small and small space, suitable for use in small workshops.
    5. The cutter shaft seat undergoes a strict balance test, and the base of the machine is equipped with four wheels for easy movement.
    6. The high design precision and high manufacturing precision ensure that the pulverized bottle pieces are trimmed neatly and the curl is small, which brings great convenience for the cleaning and dehydration of the subsequent process.
    7. The knife edge adopts V-shaped design, the impact force of the tool is small when pulverizing, and the fluctuation of the working current of the motor is small.
    8. The screen tray is hydraulically driven and the screen is easy to replace.
    9. With the adjustment of the blade outside the machine, the tool change is very convenient and quick.
    Packaging details: sea worthy wooden case or iron box ,or container
    Delivery Time: 15-20 days after deposit
    Supply ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month
    Port: Qingdao/Shanghai,or other ports
    Our Service

    1,Quality assurance period is 1 year for the whole machine, but the failures caused by operational errors are the responsibility of the customer.
    2,We will test all machines before shipment to ensure that the equipment you receive is normal.
    3,We have technical personnel to abroad to install and commission, and train your workers until they can be produced independently.
    4,You can contact us at any time if you have problems .
    5,Special sizes can be custom-made specially.


    1,What can we do when the machine doesn't work?
    A:We will focus on your needs all the time and serve you with all-round carefulness and consideration, even send our engineer to serve you until the problem be done.
    2,When can you deliver the machine if I place order .
    A:It depends on the quantity you need, usually we can deliver with 20 days .
    3,What is your quality warranty? What will you do if there is some wrong with your machine in this period?
    A:Our products have 12 months quality warranty. We will send wear parts freely and dispatch our engineer to your country to repair it if need.

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