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  • China electric copper cable wire recycling machine,copper cable granulator machine,copper cable scrap recycling machine,copper and plastic separator

  • Product description of electric copper cable wire recycling machine
    This small electric copper cable wire recycling machine is mainly used to smash used copper wire and separate copper and plastic in copper wire.The machine can completely separate copper and plastic for the purpose of comprehensive utilization. It has high economic benefits, and has no dust and no secondary pollution.

    Product application of electric copper cable wire recycling machine
    The small electric copper cable wire recycling machine is mainly used in various cable lines of Φ15mm or less and various cable lines which are not suitable for processing. Such as wires, cables, computer lines, car lines, communication lines, charger lines, electric car lines, capillary lines, network lines, etc.

    Working principle of electric copper cable wire recycling machine
    The electric copper cable wire recycling machine first crushes the waste copper wire, and then performs vibration separation in the pool according to the specific gravity of copper and plastic, which can completely separate copper and plastic.

    The principle of the separation pool is: according to the different specific gravity of copper and plastic particles, the size of the water flow is controlled by adjusting the amount of water to achieve the purpose of separation. Under the impact of the water flow and the eccentric shaft of the separation bed, the copper weight will flow out at the front discharge port, and the lighter plastic weight will flows out behind The discharge port , so as to achieve the effect of copper and plastic separation, and the separation rate can reach about 99%, which will not cause copper loss and ensure the copper output rate.

    Application prospects of electric copper cable wire recycling machine
    Copper has good regenerative properties and is a reusable resource. However, from the mining of ore to the production of refined copper, it has to undergo many production processes and the energy consumption is very large. The recovery of copper from scrap copper is economical and energy efficient. Compared with the production process of primary copper, Recycling copper can save 80%-90% energy, and it can save natural resources and contribute to environmental protection.So scrap copper wire recycling machine is very promising.
    1、Dimension:2.2*1.3*2 m
    2、Productivity: 150 KG/day
    3、Host power: 18 KW
    4、Weight: 800 KG
    5、Wire diameter(mm): 1-20
    6、Output size(mm):1-5
    7、Number of fiyling blade: 15
    8、Number of fixed blade: 2
    9、Flying blades size:80*65*18mm
    10、Fixed blades size:400*65*18mm
    Product advantages of electric copper cable wire recycling machine
    1. The overall combined structure combines the equipment on one platform. The structure is compact and the floor space is small. It is convenient for movement and transportation, and increases the flexibility of the equipment.
    2. Small investment and fast income
    3. Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, simple operation, only one operator in the whole process, no complicated installation, can be used after power on;
    4. The sorting system uses multiple layers of high-precision sorting, frequency conversion control, and the sorting rate can be as high as 97%-99%;
    5. The crushing system adopts high-strength spiral blade shaft, high crushing efficiency, the cutter is made of special alloy material, and the service life is long;
    6. Water separation is adopted to reduce material loss and dust emission, and effectively control dust.
    Packaging details: sea worthy wooden case or iron box ,or container
    Delivery time:15-20 days after deposit
    Supply ability:100 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:Qingdao/Shanghai,or other ports
    Our Service

    1,Quality assurance period is 1 year for the whole machine, but the failures caused by operational errors are the responsibility of the customer.
    2,We will test all machines before shipment to ensure that the equipment you receive is normal.
    3,We have technical personnel to abroad to install and commission, and train your workers until they can be produced independently.
    4,You can contact us at any time if you have problems .
    5,Special sizes can be custom-made specially.


    1,What is the copper recovery rate of the equipment? ?
    A:Our Machine is new design and the rate can be higher than 99% !

    2,Q:What parts does the equipment consist of?
    A:It consists of a crushing system, a sorting system, and a dust removal system.and can use as least for a year .

    3,What can we do when the machine doesn't work?
    A:We will focus on your needs all the time and serve you with all-round carefulness and consideration, even send our engineer to serve you until the problem be done.

    4,When can you deliver the machine if I place order .
    A:It depends on the quantity you need, usually we can deliver with 20 days .

    5,What is your quality warranty? What will you do if there is some wrong with your machine in this period?
    A:Our products have 12 months quality warranty. We will send wear parts freely and dispatch our engineer to your country to repair it if need.

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