Tire shredder machine information

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Tire shredder machine information
The tire shredder has a variety of appearances, each manufacturer's exterior design has its own characteristics, but according to the actual production needs and the specific shredding requirements, the internal shredder of the tire shredder is basically divided into four types. , are: single-axis knife roll, double-axis knife roll, four-axis knife roll, coarse crushing knife roll.
The composition of the tire shredder: consists of the main structure of the motor, reducer, rotary cutter shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame and box. Because it is a claw type moving knife, rotary cutting, after heat treatment, the hardness reaches HRC60° or more, so the service life is long, the cutting ability is strong, the production capacity is high, and the normal use of more than 10,000 tons requires grinding. With conveyor belt, two-stage crusher and wire separator, nylon separator and mill, they are used together, which is automated, rationalized and labor-saving, effectively reducing labor intensity and improving working environment.
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